We offer tailor made planning systems for customers who operate expensive resources such as airplanes, terminals, locomotives, employees or the like.

Advanced information technology, including automation, optimization and simulation, is what enables improvements in complex planning environments. It enables centralization, integration, better control and feedback, shorter lead times, better collaboration, more fairness, and therefore more efficient resource plans.

Our core business is to make the enabling technologies work in real planning environments.

See examples of what the persons behind riiplan have done in the past.

These systems have:

末 Dramatically shortened the planning times
末 Led to (on a global perspective) optimal use of the available resources
末 Often integrated two or more previously separated planning processes
末 Been used to simulate and forecast interesting scenarios
末 Reduced sub-optimization due to decentralized planning
末 Given understanding and control over resources and the costs and restrictions that surround them in the planning and operational processes.
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