Our co-workers have long experience (10-15 years) with the development of information systems for resource management purposes, mainly with equipment and personnel in the transportation industry.

Our experience of systems development include:

末 Railway: Tactical vehicle planning.
末 Railway: Crew planning.
末 Railway: Preferential bidding on work shifts.
末 Railway: Dispatching freight cars to customers.
末 Railway: Web browser based graphical plans.
末 Port: Operative port call planning.
末 Airline: Crew Planning
末 Airline: Preferential bidding on work shifts.
末 Airline: Manpower, competence and vacation planning.
末 Airline: Rule Engine to handle large number of rules.

The systems we have developed uses advanced methods such as optimization, rule engines and simulations as well as modern computing environments such as application servers, thin web browser technology and rich (fat) clients in multiuser environments. We use these methods because they enable new and efficient ways to manage the resources in a business.

We have also found that to be able to successfully deliver an information system we need to understand, and we need the customer to understand, the interaction between information systems, organizations and processes.

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