Our broad experience of resource management problems and system development makes it possible for us to offer services ranging from pre-studies and specifications to implementation projects.

We have taken many systems from idea to production and we know what it takes. Our work is always founded on close cooperation with our customers experts. Our consulting services are available to get your project on the right track from start:

末 Pre-studies
末 Investigations
末 Specifications
末 Development resources

We may also be your total solution partner.


Over the years we have become experts in performing efficient pre-studies in the field of resource management processes. Our goal is to deliver studies focused on working processes and business cases that provide the best possible foundation for future investment decisions.

Our pre-studies are always done in close cooperation with our customers experts. We bring knowledge of the methods and technologies that enable improvements to resource management processes. Equally important is our experience of what makes system development projects successful.


We perform product surveys and prototypes to reduce risk in investment decisions. After having done a pre-studie the logical step is to perform a product survey to see if there is suitable systems on the market. To assess if a certain system is suitable you need understanding of the system at hand as well as the process it should be applied to. In addition it takes experience to assess if the claims made by a supplier are well founded.

Examples of other areas that may need to be investigated when implementing an integrated resource planning system:

末 Further analysis of certain details of the planning processes.
末 Analyzing areas in a proposed solution where risks are considered high.
末 Assessment of data availability and data quality.
末 Interfaces to surrounding functions.


We have been involved in many projects and have seen how they can suffer from too excessive specifications as well as from contracts and specifications with large gaps and irrelevant information. We believe our experience can be of use in your work with specifying a new resource planning system.

Development resources

We can offer skilled architects and programmers to support your resource management development project. The purpose can be to develop special functionality or just to boost the pace of your project.
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